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hCG diet phase 2 complete. So now what?

Today is day 28 of my second round on the hCG Diet.  My weight is down to 246.8 pounds.  I started at 285 on my first round and 275 on the second round.  Almost 40 pounds in 7 months or so.  I feel great but now what?  

I want to celebrate again… Have my first glass of wine in a month or a beer or pizza or cookies… DONT! DONT! DONT.

They say phase 3 is the most important phase.  I have gone 2 days without an hCG injection but still on 500 calories each day.  However instead of just a chicken breast and tomato tonight I treated myself… I had a salad with chicken and every vegetable I could (onion, bell peppers, banana pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, black olives, jalapeños).  I also had some low fat dressing but it did have 9 grams of sugar per serving.  I should have held off on the dressing but I figured in 28 days what the hell.  

So now I must continue for 3 weeks with no sugar or starches.  No more salad dressing!  I can eat basically anything else but must keep calories at a slowly increasing pace.  Go up to 1000 and then 1500 and so on.  I am going to enjoy some read meat, some nuts and a variety of different fruits/veggies.  I must still weigh every day and can’t go above or below 2 pounds from my last injection.  I think my last injection was around 247.5 so that is the number I am going to use.

Also I need to start exercising again.  I am going to begin 30 minutes of elliptical each morning. With 1000+ calories I should have the energy.

As far as my type 1 diabetes I have had to increase my insulin the past week.  My body has started adapting and so insulin up from 30/day to 36 or so.  That is still on the 500 calories so I know as I increase calorie I will need to keep increasing insulting.  Just another pain in the ass thing to have to think about and deal with but I can handle it.

It seems to be about planning for food.  I have to plan what I am going to eat to total my 1000 calories tomorrow.  No damn way I can just do 4 chicken breasts and 8 tomatoes and 4 apples to double up.  I gotta get more creative and start enjoying food again.

I will weigh every day and keep blogging.  Gotta keep it around 247 pounds for the next 3 weeks!


Celebration meal photo… Not the beer and pizza I had last time which cost me 7 pounds!

Posted by: hungryguy | April 6, 2016

hCG diet before and after Phase 1 with diabetes

I promised I would post this before but I didn’t find either picture to be flattering. However now as I reach the end of my 2nd round on hCG diet Infind I should post this before and after to remember how far I have come.  This was starting at 285 pounds and 30 days later at 255 pounds… Of course Inam now heading toward under 250 and will be there soon!


Notice any change?

Today is my 19th day on the hCG diet (but whose counting – haha).  This morning I am down to 253 pounds.  I stalled for a day at 255 which was the weight I ended at when I completed hCG 6 months ago so  now I am ready to move lower.

I had my 6 year olds birthday party and watched 24 hot dogs get eaten for lunch and 16 burgers get eaten for dinner.  I had just an apple for breakfast, skipped lunch and doubled my protein at dinner for a 9 ounce turkey burger a little onion, saraicha hot sauce and two tomatoes.  Just spices and turkey and it held together perfectly – YUM!

Otherwise I remain on chicken breast and white fish as my staples.  Tomatoes my only veggie and apples mainly as my fruits. Yes it gets very boring but I am not hungry much.  I had an apple day even though you are only supposed to Apple day after 4 days of no loss.  I just wanted to try it.  Ate 6 apples in 24 hours and was not hungry at all.  Kept losing my regular weight 1 pound each day.

Basically 1 week left to finish the 26 days. Then no

More shots and 2 days still on 500 calories before I start increasing food intake.  Craving some variety but the weight loss should be enough motivation for anyone to stay on this!


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hCG diet with type 1 diabetes week 2 amazing

I am only a few days from completing week 2 and I am down to 261 pounds.  That is a loss of almost 15 pounds already.

I am not cheating at all… Weighing all my food exactly.  Protein remains chicken and white fish (Cod) and I have added some prawns and scallops as well.  Cucumber and tomato is my only vegetable each day.  Fruit is mainly apples but also oranges and strawberries at times.  Everything to exact weight, of course.

I am getting a bit bored especially of the cucumber but seeing the weight significantly coming off day after day is keeping me focused.  Also drinking 4-6 litres of water each day keeps the hunger pangs away.

Humulin N Insulin down to 15am and 15pm with no other insulin required. (Previous was 85-95 units per day) Blood sugar staying perfect at 4-6 all day.  More excellent benefit to this diet.

Only a few more days and I am halfway through.  I hope to keep up this weight loss pace and get below 250 pounds by the end.  I am gonna shoot for 240 now!!!

Posted by: hungryguy | March 20, 2016

Round 2 hCG diet and type 1 diabetes – week 1

Day 3:  274 pounds. AM: 15 units of Humulin N (down from 36 units), 20 units hCG.  Food: tomato, Apple, chicken breast, chicken breast, Apple. PM: blood sugar 3.3 had to take 3 dextrose/15 units Humulin N

notes:  day 1 again filled with headaches and a little lightheaded. Headaches were not vicious and drinking water alleviated them quickly.  Not too hungry.

Day 4:  273.2 pounds.  AM: blood sugar 11.4/gave 15 units Humulin N, 20 units hCG. Food: Apple, cucumber, chicken breast, tomato, cod fish, orange. PM: 15 units Humulin N

notes:  less headaches today.  Drank 5+ litres of water. Hunger pains a few times but left quickly with water. Feeling good.

Day 5: 269 pounds.  AM blood sugar 14.4/gave 17 units Humulin N, 4 units humalog, 20 units hCG. Food: Apple, chicken breast, cucumber, cod fish, tomato, orange. PM: blood sugar 11.1, 18 units Humulin N

notes: felt great seeing below 270 already on the scale.  Keeps me motivated. No headaches and just some hunger pains.  Lots of water again.

Day 6: 266.6 pounds.  YES!! AM blood sugar 9.3/gave 18 Humulin N, 20 units hCG. Food: Apple, chicken breast, cucumber, prawns, tomato, strawberries. PM: blood sugar 8.9/18 units Humulin N

Day 7: 265 pounds.  WhooHoo! AM blood sugar 8.9/18 Humulin N, day off hCG. Food: Apple, chicken breast, cucumber

notes:  End of week 1 and I feel great!  Very little hunger pain and just about down 10 pounds!  Pants fitting better. I really feel I am going to get below 250 and shooting for 245 pounds as end weight now.  Here I come week 2

Posted by: hungryguy | March 20, 2016

hCG diet loading days and start with diabetes

Done my two loading days and starting today on 500 calories.  I ate everything I could the past 2 days including bacon cheeseburger, pizza, cake, cookies, butter chicken, beer, wine, rum and more.

Had my tomato for breakfast today and I feel good.  Starting weight after 2 days of loading is 274 (up from 272 before loading)

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Hcg diet and type 1 diabetes Round 2

It has been 5 months since I lost 30 pounds in 30 days on the HCG diet.  I have gained 20 pounds back and I am starting the program again tomorrow.  My gain was mainly due to not following the maintenance phase and also some serious life changes which were stressful.

However now I am again focused and ready to roll.  I have my syringes loaded and will again be dropping my insulin from current 90-100 units per day to 30. 

Tomorrow I get to start by eating as much bad, sugary, fatty food as I can for 2 days then it is back to 500 calories of chicken, fish, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers.  My goal is to get below 250 pounds this time and then consider 2 more weeks of the program.  

One day at a time… I will report daily on my progress. 


Posted by: hungryguy | October 2, 2015

HGC diet and diabetes – 30 pounds in 30 days

I did it!  I completed the first phase of the HGC diet with my diabetes 100% in check and I lost 30 pounds in 30 days.  I went from 285 to 255 pounds.

In addition to winning the weight loss challenge at work I feel great.  I am now in phase 2 and working closely with a dietician to slowly increase my calories from 500 upwards.

This phase is more important than the first because an intake of carbs can result in immediate and disgusting weight gain.  I Celebrated with 3 beers and 3 pieces of pizza… Gained 7 pounds in 2 days!!!  I am back focused now.

I have increased my insulin to 50 total units (from 30 on HCG).  Still way down from the 90 I was taking before.  My focus continues… Before/after photos from the phase 1 of HCG diet I will post in a blog soon. 

Posted by: hungryguy | September 17, 2015

HCB diet and diabetes week 3 summary – down 20 pounds

I am starting my final week of the HCG diet and so far the results are astonishing.  I am down 20 pounds in 21 days.  From 285 pounds to 262 pounds this morning!

I am still on just 30 total units of insulin (15 humulin N at morning and night).  No short acting insulin at all.  That’s down from 85-95 units per day before.

The easy part is choosing food because the choices are so limited.  Chicken, fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, Apple, orange.  Those are my staples.  There are other choices but I stick to those and enjoy every time I get to eat.

I have not been that hungry.  When I am, I drink water and it goes away.  However social situations are the hardest.  Family reunion pot luck with everyone eating and drinking beer was probably the hardest.  Business lunch not easy either.  Just order plain chicken breast with salt pepper and cucumber gets funny looks.  

Diabetes and blood sugar has been great.  Everytime I test it is perfect.  Not really testing much anymore as it is always the same and I am not cheating… At all.  The HCG diet and diabetes seems to work very well.  

So now I look toward the end of next week when the HCG will no longer be running through my body… I am a bit worried about how hungry I will be.  The HCG diet includes a 6 week maintenance program after which I am planning to follow.  It will ease me from the current 500 calorie diet up to an amount suitable to avoid weight gain.  I will work with a dietician for the first month or so I think.

I have not gotten rid of my cravings.  Saw an open tray of cookies in our pantry and just about lost my mind and dove in.  Also missing my melted cheese snacks.  Bread and sandwiches too… Gotta stop thinking about it… Rule #1 keep temptation out of sight and out of mind.  Damn too late.  Gotta drink some water now.   


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Diabetes and HCG diet week 2 food, weight, insulin journal

Day 8:  274.6 pounds, blood sugar 4.5 in the am, 20 units HCG, 8 units humulin N am (reduced from 15 as golfing today), 15 units humulin N pm, blood sugar good all day 12.2 before bed.  Food: celery, Apple, chicken breast, tomato, chicken breast, strawberries.

Notes:  officially over 10 pounds lost in first week.  Grocery shopping yesterday not fun… Too much food to look at.  Feeling great.  Not hungry, drinking lots of water. Golfing went great.  Lowering insulin made blood sugar perfect.  Had to watch my partner eat and drink beer.  Drank 5-6 litres of water.

Day 9:  273 pounds, blood sugar 9.5 in am, blood sugar 15 at bed, 15 units humulin N am, 20 units HCG, 16 units PM, 4 units humalog at bed.  Food:  cucumber, chicken breast, tomato, chicken breast, strawberries, orange.

Notes:  First week check up with doctor today.  Went great.  Refreshed my supply of HCG. I am so happy to be getting close to under 270 pounds.  Also my work place started a contest this month for whoever can lose the most weight by percentage.  Pot is $280 so now I have even more motivation!

Day 10: 272.4 pounds, blood sugar 4.5 in am, 15 units humulin N am, 16 units humulin N pm, 20 units HCG, Cucumber, chicken breast, cod, tomato, Apple, orange.

Notes:  doctor said that there will likely be a stall usually in the 2nd week.  I am still down over .5 pounds but perhaps a stall is coming.  Feeling great but was a bit more hungry yesterday than usual.

Day 11:  271 pounds, blood sugar 9.5 in am, 15 units humulin N am, 20 units HCG, 3 units humalog, 16 units humulin N. Food: celery, chicken breast, tomato, chicken breast, Apple, orange

Notes: back down over 1 pound…YES! I am not drinking as much water… Only 2-3 litres. I think that is why I am more hungry.  Also getting a little bored with the food but it is easy to decide what to eat since the choices are so limited. Gonna look up some HCG diet recipes online for the weekend.  All in all still feeling good.

Day 12:  270 pounds, Blood sugar 6.6 in am, 15 units humulin N, 20 units HCG, 15 units humulin N pm. Food: tomato, chicken breast, cucumber, scallops, Apple, orange 

Notes: saw a box of cookies out today and just about tore into them.  Some of my cravings still come and go but overall not too bad. Water is the solution.  Without water I am very hungry.

Day 13: 269.6 pounds. Blood sugar 7.6 in am, 15 units Humulin N, 20 units HCG, 15 units humulin N pm. Food: scallops, tomato, chicken breast, cucumber, 2 apples.

Notes: weight not down a whole bunch today but still down slightly so overall looking good.  Tomorrow is end of 2 weeks which means I am well over halfway there.

Day 14:  271.6 pounds. Blood sugar 6.6 in am, 15 units humulin N, no HCG (day off), 

Notes:  ending week 2 up 2 pounds from yesterday.  I don’t feel heavier and thought I would be down again.  Seems maybe I need an apple day to reignite my weight loss.  Going to go one more day first… After all is is a holiday today so I need a little protein!


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