Posted by: hungryguy | October 24, 2013

Type 1 diabetes no needles just pills for now

There is a new blood test I have not heard of before. It took 2 months but it confirms whether someone is type 1 or type 2 diabetic. It tests for some type of enzyme. For my mom, it confirmed that at 60 years old she now has type 1 diabetes (same as me).

However 2 months ago when we knew something was wrong, her doctor put her on pills. With pills, diet and exercise her sugar levels have been great. Only a few high sugar levels and not even that high.

So after confirming type 1 diabetes the doctor had no idea what to do. So they sent her to a diabetes specialist. The specialist said they will keep her on the pills as her sugars have been good. They feel her pancreas must still be producing insulin and it could for a long time still or a short time… They dont know.

She has also been taking garcinia cambogia. Now I dont want to start giving any credit to her blood control to garcinia but it could be a factor too, i think. My mom does not want to take needles (who does?) so this is good news for her. She is proper weight, exercises everyday and eats well. Along with the pills and garcinia it will be interesting to see how long she can manage her type 1 diabetes without needles or insulin.

As mentioned in my last post, I took 2 weeks off my garcinia cambogia. I started back on it and woke up in the middle of the night full of sweat… Blood sugar down to a staggering (literally) 1.5!! I am happy I was not in a seizure and I was able to go downstairs and drink juice.

The next night same thing 1.7. Third night 1.6. Finally I realize that my body is reacting to taking the Garcinia Cambogia again. So i lowered my nighttime insuling from 32 to 28. Still i woke up at 2.1. At keast i did not wake up at 3am… I slept all night but still too low. I will reduce again tonight.

So my hypothesis is that the body reacts better to garcinia cambogia after taking some time off of it. Otherwise why would my sugars start plunging again when I was fine for months after the first 2 week blood sugar drop?

So i expect again I will need to reduce insulin significantly for 2 weeks or so. Once my sugar starts going high in the morning I will bring insulin back up. But the ultimate question is: does the Garcinia Cambogia work better when taken in 2 week daily intervals and then stopped for 2 weeks? I will see how good my weight loss is during this next 2 weeks.

The warning to diabetics again which I did not heed myself: you should consider reducing your insulin when starting garcinia cambogia or when starting again after a break. Monitor your blood sugar carefully.

Posted by: hungryguy | August 16, 2013

Took a holiday from everything; results not good

I have a bad habit of taking holidays from not only work but everything else as well.

So the past 2 weeks I have taken holidays from:

Counting food points on weight watchers
Taking my vitamins
Taking my garcinia cambogia
Brushing my hair
Overall self hygiene (yuck, i know)

So i have been a bit of a mess overall. Did my weigh in this morning an i am up 5 more pounds. Surprisingly I did not drink the usual 50 beer I would have in past summers. I did have wine and some other alcoholic drinks though.

I am back up to 254 pounds. Still down 30 from jan 1 but up 10 from my recent low. So it is time to refocus. I am back on garcinia cambogia, counting my food points and hoping to get back down toward my end goal of 220 pounds. Yes I am also clean shaven and smelling great in my suit and tie.

I have been away from posting as I have been on holidays last few weeks. Not taking garcinia cambogia and not counting my weight watchers points. Trying my best and hoping the scale is still kind to me when I get home soon.

My mom helped me with my diabetes since I was 12 years old. She did everything for me and showed me the way to be in as good of control as I am now. My mom is 60 and exercises everyday… Eats healthy and is not at all overweight. We were told 25 years ago in some testing that she has the gene which may har passed type 1 diabetes to me. However she has never developed diabetes.

This morning she asked me to test her blood… Said she was thirsty and urinating all night long and she felt something was wrong. I tested her blood and it was 22!! It should be between 4-7. I had her wash her hands to do it again but still… 22.

Perhaps at 60 years old she now has type 1 diabetes? Really? Sounds like absolute crap to me and totally not fair. I decided to play doctor against my brothers wishes (he feels she should go immediately tonthe doctor and holidays should be over). I gave her 3 units of my insulin and held my breath hoping I dont put her into a diabetic coma or give her an allergic reaction.

I tested her blood every 30-60 minutes for 5 hours and at the end she was down to a normal 5.6. I announced to everyone (grand kids, my dad, in laws) that grandma is cured… No more diabetes. But I dont know. Could she have just had a spike of blood sugar die to stress and overindulging during our family reunion or has she really developed type 1 diabetes at this late stay of her life.

She ate very little today but I told her to eat a normal dinner just now. She had salmon, half a potato and some salad. If she is diabetic her sugar will probably spike up over 7. If not, perhaps her sugar will stay below. I will test again in a couple hours to find out.

I hope and pray for the best but I do fear the worst. My mom is a wonderful and selfless person. Everything she does is for everyone else. If you read this please send your positive energy and thoughts for her into the universe. I will update and blog our results later.

Posted by: hungryguy | July 12, 2013

Really bad jeans and their dying moment

I decided to wear my really old FAT jeans out today to buy some new ones. They were waist size 42. Three belt loops torn off from pulling them up over my fat ass for many many years. Back of cuffs destroyed from walking on them and then cutting the strings and jeans off. Bad bad jeans and not in a good way.

The pair of 40 waist I tried first were also too big for me – awesome! A few of the jokes to the salesperson as I was trying them on:

“Will they shink”
“Just in length but they never shrink in the waist”
“What about after two Big Macs. Do they shrink in the waist then?”

No laugh, no comment back… I hate shopping for clothes.

“Ill drive these off the lot today if you will take mine on trade in” show old bad fat jeans.

No comment… He walks away and says something under his breath.

I will save you the pain of reading any more of my humor attempts as they only got worse from there.

I settled on a pair of nice fitting 40’s. could have went 38 but dont want to put it too far. Here is the photos of me throwing away my jeans at the store. My jeans were too bad for even their garbage… The girl in the little black skirt kinda cringed when she saw them crumpled up at the top of the bag. She was very careful not to touch them as she closed the bag… I dont blame her. Off to the denim gods they go.


Posted by: hungryguy | July 9, 2013

Gained 5 pounds in 10 days Broke office chair

After 6 full months of consistent weight loss the time had to come for holidays and that nasty 4 letter word – BEER

10 days away and I was actually happy to only gain 5 pounds. I also stopped taking my garcinia cambogia. For gaining 5 pounds weight watchers rewarded me with another point to eat. Should I be thankful for that? Uhm… Not really.

Even though I am still down close to 40 pounds since January I was also rewarded with breaking my deluxe and very expensive office chair!! I will attach the photo here. I basically leaned back like I have for 5 years and the solid metal simply SNAPPED! Ouch that hurts in more ways than one.

So I am back focused now. Big challenges this week but I will conquer them! And I will get my office chair fixed too :)



Posted by: hungryguy | June 27, 2013

What is this painting? Could it be worth millions

Good news is that I am still down (now 43) pounds. Keeping the weight off and taking garcinia cambogia… Still have type 1 diabetes (unfortunately)

However I have been sidetracked. Here is my story:

Surfing classifieds online I found an estate giveaway. Mother died after living in the same house for some 40 years (guessing) and they were ready to throw away everything. They wanted to giveaway anything anyone wanted.

I NEVER go to garage or estate sales but coincidently this was directly on my way home so I thought what the hell.

The house was dilapidated… Seemed a wrecking ball would be the only way to fix it. I was a little intimidated to go in but for some reason I did. Outside was a big dumpster ready to be filled.

Inside it stunk of mold and smoke. Apparently she smoked for 40 years in the house as well. Water damage throughout. Furniture mostly damaged and / or rotten from water. I tried to be polite and grabbed a few books and some wine glasses.

Downstairs it really wreaked… I could have thrown up and really thought I should have a mask on. More badly damaged furniture. There was a stack of paintings and drawings I looked through. There was one that caught my eye labelled “hutsaliuk” from 20 sept 1963… Original water color… Boat scene. I asked if i could take it and they said sure (see first photo attached)

Back upstairs there was a painting on the wall in the living room that also caught my eye originally… I asked about it… They hesitated a bit but then said i could go ahead and take it.. When i took it off the wall you could still clearly see where it hung from the smoke outline around it. It was dusty and yellowed. It looks to be an unsigned original oil but someone wrote in felt on the bottom “Eve ’63”

On the back someone wrote “Eva Goldberg” “Still Life”. After doing some research there is no eva goldberg but there is a Eva Hesse… Could this painting be an early Eva Hesse? Her early work has sold for millions at auction. Her work was said to have alien images seen it it. Can you see the alien face at the bottom?

Also there is a school connection in New York between Hutsaliuk and Hesse. It was from the early 60s at Cooper Union art school. We have researched the Hutsaliuk and it is worth $1500-$2000. Could the second one be a Hesse? We really like both but are obviously very curious if this could be a Hesse… Perhaps we are just dreaming. it is fun to dream. Any comments?



It has been over a month since my last update. I have been staying focused taking my garcinia cambogia twice a day and following weight watchers. I would consider myself in the extreme weight loss category now as I have reached my 40pounds lost now… Down from 284 to 244 this morning!

No cheering yet, I still have 24 pounds go go and I know they will be the hardest. I did try my one week fat burning diet received from a doctor that worked at the heart hospital for over weight patients. I am going to put those details in another blog. The results for me were disappointing and the week program is crazy… Was a good test of will power, i guess.

I look better, i feel better and I have had 2.5inches taken out of all my pants! I have had very little alcohol and no fast food since Jan 1.

Since my last updates I am down another 5 pounds. I have kept reducing my weight steadily and I keep taking garcinia cambogia and I keep following weight watchers.

I am now at 250 pounds! That is 34 pounds from my starting weight in 3 months only. I am keeping positive but my exercise has dropped a lot since hockey season ended. I am going to get back into my 3 mile walk a day or else I may play summer hockey.

Next week I am considering a hospital recommended safe, fast weight loss diet. In 7 days it is used to lose 10-17 pounds. It is for overweight cardio patients needing to lose weight prior to heart surgery. However it is safe for anyone. I will experiment and report back.

Posted by: hungryguy | March 9, 2013

Post hockey shower room: The first temptation of pizza

If you read my blog you know I love pizza and miss pizza. Thick, meaty, cheesy pizza. Last night was our last regular season hockey game (we won and I scored 2 goals). Playoffs started today.

As I came out of the shower (yes a bunch of guys naked showering together – strange ritual i know) i was surprised with a LARGE loaded pizza sitting right in the spot where I sit.

Year end pizza/beer party… At 1 in the morning. The slices were cut small but it was loaded with cheese, meat, green peppers and some other colored things that must have been veggies.

Free beer… Free pizza and i have not had either since January 1st. I am always hungry after 1.5hrs of intense hockey. I quickly passed the pizza away and was able to fight the craving… As the beer came around (twice) I was able to pass it on.

The smell of beer and pizza was causing my stomach to go crazy. It was moaning and groaning but I did it. I fought the craving and I was the first one to leave the party.

Back at home I made myself two pita pizzas (light cheese, lean roast and ham, mushrooms, onion, green pepper and lots of hot sauce). After they crisped up in the oven I enjoyed every last bite. Who wants to eat pizza being passed around by a bunch of naked guys anyways! Haha.

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